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Outpatient infusion therapy involves patients receiving IV antibiotics and/or other medicines at a dedicated office infusion center.

Outpatient IV antibiotics may be a key component of your health care. Outpatient infusion centers administer IV antibiotics, vitamins, fluids, and autoimmune drugs, and if indicated other medically appropriate therapies. Nearly all insurances cover outpatient infusion therapy and IV antibiotics, and it is a well-established treatment modality for many types of infection. Examples of clinical conditions treated with outpatient IV antibiotics include cellulitis, kidney infection, sinus infection, pneumonia, bone and joint infection, complicated urinary tract infection, dehydration, amongst others. Storm Clinic staff are experts in the field of outpatient infusion therapy, and sit on national committees as well as participate in antibiotic drug trials. Storm Clinic staff work closely with you and your care team to optimize treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. In addition, outpatient infusion gives individuals the opportunity to remain home during their IV therapy, which could be days or weeks. For more information on outpatient IV antibiotics and infusion therapy, please contact us at 605-271-5441.