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Physicians practicing internal medicine are specialists who use their clinical expertise to diagnose, treat and provide compassionate care for adults covering the entire horizon of health and illness. The practitioners of internal medicines are known as ‘internists’.

What Does an Internist Do?

Do not mistake the term internists with ‘interns’. An internist can be referred to as the doctor’s doctor because they are often called upon as consultants to the physicians, who discuss the diagnostic problems and help them resolve it at the earliest stage.

Internists undergo an intensive training at the onset of their careers. They spend at least three of the seven years of study learning how to prevent, diagnose and treat diseases that affect adults. This basic training helps them qualify for the study of internal medicine. Post training, they are referred to as ‘Internists’ or ‘Doctors of Internal Medicine’.

General Internal Medicine and General Internists

After the completion of basic training, many internists go for ‘general internal medicine’ and are known as ‘general internists’. They have the skills to treat a broad spectrum of disease and illness that affect adults and are considered experts in the diagnosis, treatment of chronic illness, and disease prevention.

They are specially trained to resolve puzzling diagnostic problems in several unique settings. So, they can handle severe chronic illness and situations where several illnesses strike together. Their training qualifies them exclusively for primary care.

Our staff has over 40 years combined medical experience, and provide general medicine, primary care, and acute care services. Common conditions we treat include yearly physicals, hypertension, high cholesterol, diabetes, hypothyroidism, scheduled vaccinations, allergies, reflux, arthritis, second opinions, medication reviews, amongst others. We do our best to accommodate your busy schedule, and for acute illnesses (flu, UTI, cough, sore throat, ear infection, etc.) see patients same day or next day.

All major insurances are accepted, and no referral is generally needed. In addition to primary care, internal medicine, and infectious disease, Dr. Storm maintains a select group of patients on a retainer basis, also known as concierge medicine.